Top 3 Apps for DIY Plastic Bottle Craft

​It takes close to a thousand years for plastic bottles to get decomposed. Recycled plastic cannot be used to make bottles again. Instead, it is remade into other items, such as clothing, carpeting, toys, etc. According to estimates, around one million barrels of oil are spent in supplying bottled water in one year. Processing one bottle helps in conserving energy equivalent to lighting a 60-watt bulb for about six hours.

To truly understand the benefits for the environment, one has to look at the statistics. Processing a pound of polyethylene terephthalate i.e. PET bottles, helps in saving heat energy, to the extent of about 12000 British Thermal Units, i.e. BTU. It does not end here. When this is used for producing new products, much lesser energy, almost 66% lesser, is required when compared to energy used to manufacture fresh, new plastic. Another advantage is that the greenhouse gas emissions through this method get reduced too. Saves Landfill Space, DIY Plastic Bottle Design Idea can help in countering this risk since one ton of recycled products help in saving 7.4 cubic yards of the landfill space. 

All the Apps are simple and have pictures for idea and steps to make. Some of the items are common in all the Apps.

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