Mozart Music


– Easy to use, simple,free

– Contains 35+ Classical Music for minds stimulation and inspiration.

– One button to Random play favorite sound list.

– Sound Catalog for quick access to all sounds or favorites.

– Custom settings for playback of sounds after specified time limit, replay times , interval , volume etc.

– One button to set as ringtones, notification tone or alarm tone.

– One button adjust all sounds volume.

– Rename sounds individually.

– Export sounds to SD card , share with friends easily.

– Multiple-Language Support : English,Japanese,Traditional Chinese,Simplified Chinese.


Piano Concerto No. 5

Piano Concerto No. 9

Piano Concerto No. 14

Piano Concerto No. 19

Piano Concerto No. 20

Piano Concerto No. 22

Piano Concerto No. 23

Piano Concerto No. 24

Piano Concerto No. 26

Piano Sonata No. 8

Piano Sonata No. 11

Piano Trio K.254

Piano Trio K.542

Serenade No. 6

Serenade No. 9

Violin Concerto No. 1

Violin Concerto No. 2

Violin Sonata No. 17

Violin Sonata No. 22

Violin Sonata No. 26

Violin Sonata No. 33

Sonata K.19d (four-hands)

Sonata K.497 (four-hands)

Symphony No. 35

Symphony No. 36

Symphony No. 40

String Quintet No. 1

String Quintet No. 4

String Quintet No. 5

Flute Quartet No. 1

Flute Concerto No. 1

Sonata K.6

Sonata K.13

Quintet for Piano and Winds

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