Top 5 Apps for Jews

1. Good Jew

The Good Jew app is great for anyone interested in learning a little more about Jewish history and customs. The focus on breadth of knowledge, combining several app concepts into one neat package. There is a news feed to the Jerusalem Post, Haaretz, and the Forward, a Wisdom section with Pirkei Avot and Kabbalah, a Prayer section with an overview of religious texts, common blessings with Hebrew and English text, an overview of the holidays with associated blessings, a dynamic feed to weekly sermons (Parsha), and the Psalms of David.  It has a calendar section with a 10 year listing of Jewish holidays and the

current date in the Hebrew calendar.  There’s a glossary with hundreds of Yiddish terms and definitions as well as biographies of 40+ individuals from Biblical, Middle-Ages, and Modern eras.
2. Jewish Bible 

This app provides the Complete Jewish Bible translation into English by David H. Stern. The best translation for Jews and non-Jews. Enjoy this unique Bible Version with names and key terms in original Hebrew and presented in easy-to-read English transliterations. David H. Stern was an American professor and writer who translated the Holy Bible into English. His translation was published in 1998 and consists of a revision of the Old Testament (Tanakh) and original Jewish New Testament (B’rit Hadashah). His purpose was to make a Jewish Bible close to the original Jewish context and culture and in easy and modern English.

3. Pocket prayers 

Translated Jewish prayers, this app will provide the basic daily Jewish prayers, food blessings, Sabbath rules, Holy Holiday rules. Jewish Prayers from sun up to sun down. No other app compiles Jewish prayer, laws of Judaism the way it has. This app will bring everyone closer to Hashem. Inspired by Rabbi Mizrahi.
4. Kosher Food

Kosher food recipes, App features 

– Delicious recipes with photos

– Search recipes by category 

– Check and add reviews

– Organize and manage your own recipes collection 

– Share best dishes with friends

5. Jewish Clock 

Jewish Clock is a 24 hour clock which attempts to visualize the concepts of the clock that is used in Jewish law: Shaot Zmaniyot (or Zmanim). The basic idea is that certain daily deadlines were defined as portions of the day. For example, according to Jewish law, the latest time one can pray the morning prayer, Shacharit, is when a third of the day passed, or in other words, 4 out of the 12 hours of the day have passed.

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