Top 5 Apps for Baby Name

1.Bible Names and Meanings

Bible is the most read and most quoted book in the world. Therefore, the names that are mentioned in are familiar for each of us. But few of us know the meaning of these ancient Bible Names. However, all Bible male and female names have deep meaning and contain a fairly complete characterization of their first bearer.

2. Islamic Names Meanings

The App contains Muslim names of boys and girls. It also has their meaning and prohibited names. You can make a favorite list with customized color, text, size and share it on social media.

3. 100000+ Indian Baby Names 

Lot of regular features like sharing the name on social media and having a poll about it, gods name. Special features are twin baby names, choosing from America’s top year name and knowing the numerology number for you selected name based on chiero’s numerology. 

4. Baby Name Genius

More than 50,000 baby names and meaning and regular features of sharing on social media and A-Z listing. Special features are popularity rankings by country, AI- Intelligent name finder, live update of trending names, advanced search based on polarity, origin, religion, initial letter, lenght.

5. Hebrew baby Names &Meaning 

The App has all the regular features with Hebrew names for baby. 

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