Whatscope for WahtsApp

For the overzealous boyfriends and girlfriends a new App to keep tab on their lovers activity or anyone you feel like. You can scope he/she with Whatscope and receive notifications instantly when he/she is online on WhatsApp.You can also view how many times logged in-out, and online durations on WhatsApp. Able to scope even last seen turned off or blocked, and you can get instant notifications when gets online on WhatsApp.
You can find out the total number of minutes that remain online during the day, also weekly and monthly online durations. It is free only for a day so check if it works out for you.

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29 thoughts on “Whatscope for WahtsApp”

  1. Does anyone know how I can find out if someone is using this app to track me? Like for example I’m tracking someone using this app, is there a way I can check if I’m also, in turn, being tracked too using the same app?

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  2. My contact has periods of online activity that last for just under ten minutes, eg 9.56, 9.28 etc., there are several like this one after the other like he logs out of whatsapp then straight back in like this for around an hour or so. Does whatscope only keep logs of less than ten minutes?? It’s very odd to use whatsapp like this don’t you think?

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    1. I sometimes just go in to see messages and respond real quick without spending long periods of time on there. Maybe that’s what’s happening with your contact. My app records much longer than 10 mins, so maybe you just have a quick whatsapp-er on your hands.


    1. Nicely written post,did you check the battery consumption of the app? One thing which Google is doing is behaving like big corporations who want to have it all and is getting ever more pervasive, if you have a rooted device you will understand what I am talking about.


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