Onefootball – Football scores

The App is featured in android wear and is for the football loving fans who wanted be abreast with update and news related to the game. It helps you in keeping tab on live score from latest matches,instant push notifications on live scores as well as all the rumors going on in and out of field. You can follow teams, players, competitions around the world and get personalized news and videos. It is the App to sit back and watch or read everything about football. 

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4 thoughts on “Onefootball – Football scores”

  1. Nice app very usefull for football funs that want to know everything. There is a good football game app. Top eleven. The have done some very nice updates. I play it since it was created. Of course it might ask that you spent money some times in order to advance easier or having a normal team to finish in the first 5, but at least comaring to other games where you have the possibility to pay and some times you are obliged to pay if you wnat to advance they make efforts to make it much “funnier” to play. for exemple they have imprroved training. You can now train for attack possesion defence and condition. You can go up to 10 per cent. Personnaly i level my team to 8 per cent for all four of them, which means my team can tease bigger teams if this teams have not trained enough. Which is a way to give a chance to people that do not want to spent money for a game and do not have very strong players in their team.

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