Top 5 Apps for Students 

1.Evernote – stay organised 

This App helps in keeping your work organised. Take note,checklist, to-dos,drafts,scan,take notes in PDFs,attach Microsoft Office docs,photos and does much more. It syncs automatically across any phone or computer so you can start your task on one and finish on any other device. You can share your ideas,discuss it and get feedbacks. Clip and highlight articles from Web.

2.My Study Life 

The App helps you in integrating all areas of your academic life. Here you can see if your homework is due,classes, classes which conflict with your exams,revision task for exam,track your task,get notified for unfinished tasks and much more.

3.SimpleMind Free mind mapping 

The App helps students in organizing the thoughts, remembering things and generating new ideas. It is easy to use and has different layouts to choose from. It supports multiple mind maps on one page.

4.Forest: Stay focused 

The App helps in getting over addiction to your phone while studying in a very interesting way. You plant a tree and let it grow for next 30 minutes, if you go to check your Facebook or any other app the tree will wither away. There is a white list which let’s you check the apps . Reward point helps you get more species for your forest!

5.Attendance Register (students)

The App helps students to to keep track of daily attendance in various subjects with user friendly calender. You make calendar for each subject and can add note to it.Attendance percentage is calculated and displayed underneath the calendar. 

Author: Apps reviewed

a big fan of apps.

14 thoughts on “Top 5 Apps for Students ”

  1. Your Tips are so helpful! While I was reading your post, I just wanted to show you a newly released app, AwesomeClip! It is really useful especially for students, since it allows students to gather articles or documents they might need for studying. I’ll leave the link for you: Thanks!!:)


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