Best Heart Care Apps

1.Free Heart Rate Measurement 

The App not only measures your heart rate but also checks your blood pressure, breathing, eyes,color blindness, hearing and lots more. It uses your phones built in camera to calculate and read all the things like the professional medical devices which are based on the same technology. The App is easy to use and keep the records for future need. Very handy for heart patients. 

2.Cardiac risk calculator

Very simple App which uses Framingham equation on user’s input parameters. It calculates coronary heart disease  (CHD),stroke,Death from coronary or cardiovascular heart disease and more. The input needed are very minimal which all of us know about ourselves. 

3.The Heart App

The Apps aim is to help people find out if they are at risk of,or are developing a heart attack based on some questions regarding their seemingly serious or not so serious chest complains. These questions try to mimic the sequential procedure that heart specialists follow while diagnosing a patient.

4.ICE – in case of emergency 

The App is a convenient way to store information needed by rescuers and doctors, in case of emergency.  In addition to a list of contacts of close persons,it also,it also saves information about past medical records,medicine intake,allergies and other heath information. The App has a special alarm button which uses GPS and other collected data to send messages to the closest persons in the time of life threatening situations.

5.Real Time CPR Guide

The App not only teaches about CPR but at the time of emergency through simple videos and voice guides a person to correctly do it. It also asks questions and after you press the answer it guides you to proceed furthur.

Heart foundation has prepared this App for healthy meal for heart patients. 

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