Top 5 Apps for Asthma 


It is a free asthma and COPD management App were in you can keep a journal of your asthma, visualize your asthma activity with colorful graphs, share and email it your physician, pick a medication or add your own,track how your medication is working,track your triggers and much more. It also helps in doctors and researchers learn more about asthma. It helps you in more ways then you can think of.

2.Wizdy Pets – Asthma Game

Beautiful learning game especially for kids with Asthma. The game teaches kids about Asthma and how to fight it in colorful and enjoyable way. Kids get to learn how to use inhaler and understand the disease.


The App has all the charts and functions to manage Asthma like other Apps and they have added a feature which is a wireless medication inhaler sensor and a Spirometer measuring lung function. It generates custom messages to remind and encourage compliance, engaging patients in their own care.

4.Yoga Poses for Curing Asthma 

Very simple and small App which specifically tells you about those Asanas in Yoga which can help you fight Asthma.

5.Asthma Relief -Acupressure 

Beautiful App teaching about Acupressure and managing your Asthma with its help. The App teaches massaging the accu points and keeps a record of massage reminding you about the next session.

Author: Apps reviewed

a big fan of apps.

26 thoughts on “Top 5 Apps for Asthma ”

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      1. Trying to become an ‘ elite ‘ runner in my journey, and it’s often my bad spells of asthma that hold me back.

        Amazing the influence of diet in asthma though..

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      2. I was going through your blog,you have achieved quiet a lot,I hope you become the best! The diet certainly helps. I wanted to show some ayurveda medicine and herbal recipes which does wonders but had to do only top 5.

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      3. Thank you.

        My diet is quite terrible considering the goal and my illness – would love to take a more yoga / Ayurveda approach to the whole thing. Great for stress too…

        My diet problems consist of egg, nut, gluten, spinach and rocket leaf allergies 🙈

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