Top 5 Games September 2016


The game is challenging, exciting and infuriating at times. You are challenged to interact with a tower of block of varying shaped bricks upon which rests a hexagonal block. The aim is to get the hexagon down the tower block to earn points.  You do this by tapping the bricks to make them disappear bringing the hexagon down into the space cleared underneath. It becomes more and more challenging as you clear the blocks and the hexagon starts to roll or tilt. Very addictive. 

4.Flip Diving

Jump from cliffs,rickety platforms, trees,castle and aim for the perfect dive while collecting coins mid air. The game is physics based and you need to jump keeping in mind that you need to flip as well as collect coins and not to hit the rocks or belly flop while entering the water. The music and graphics are enjoyable. You can also tape your jump and share it.

3.PAC-MAN Pop – Bubble Shooter


PAC-MAN POP combines the world most popular arcade icon with hours of addictive bubble shooting puzzle challenge. Simple game but you need to learn to aim and bounce the balls better to shoot. Addictive and beautiful. 


Restore a wonderful garden to its former glory traveling through a beautiful storyline. Meet new funny characters and make friends with them. Keep a pet and enjoy the social life. Very satisfying.

 1.Driving Zone: Japan

A beautiful simulator of street racing on cars produced in Japan. You get to choose from classic city cars to drifting ones to modern racing cars as you progress in the game. Enjoy the different engine sounds, acceleration and crashes. Beautiful graphics and well detailed body,dashboard and surrounding traffic creates the effect of realism. Record it to share.

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