Suicide Squad: Special Ops

If you loved the movie then you can join the squad to defeat the horde of enemies that tries to defeat you. You can fight as Harley Quinn with baseball bat or as Deadshot with rifle or as Diablo with fire. I liked playing Diablo and way fire is used to kill the enemies.  The idea is to survive the wave of enemies and kill them and get on to higher levels. You can explore the city to locate health packs,ammo and upgrades. The game like all other has leader board and has the option of recording the HD footage to share it on social media. The graphics and sound are good ,I had difficulty with camera as they don’t have multiple angle setting. The game needs bigger storage as graphics are good.

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5 thoughts on “Suicide Squad: Special Ops”

  1. I saw the movie it was great love the graphics but I felt like the storyline could’ve been a little more creative than that that’s what killed the movie for me the storyline but other than that it was well put together

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