Top 5 Eye Care Apps

Eyes are the most used organ these days. It undergoes lot of stress and needs protection from harmful rays or Bluelight from our phone or tab screens. High energy blue wavelengths colliding with the air molecules causes blue light to scatter everywhere,This is what makes the sky look blue. In its natural form,our body uses blue light from the sun to regulate your natural sleep and wake up.This is known as your circadian cycle.Blue light also helps boost alertness, heighten reaction times, elevate moods, and increase the feeling of well being. Artificial sources of blue light include electronic devices such as cell phones and laptop computers, as well as energy-efficient fluorescent bulbs and LED lights.Blue light waves are the among the shortest, highest energy wavelengths in the visible light spectrum because they short wavelengths they flicker more easily than longer, weaker wavelengths. This kind of flickering creates a glare that can reduce visual contrast and affect sharpness and clarity.This flickering and glaring may be one of the reasons for eyestrain, headaches, physical and mental fatigue caused by many hours sitting in front of a computer screen or other electronic device. Our eyes’ natural filters do not provide sufficient protection against blue light rays from the sun, let alone the blue light emanating from these devices or from blue light emitted from fluorescent light tubes. Prolonged exposure to blue light may cause retinal damage and contribute to age related  degeneration, which can lead to loss of vision.These apps help to reduce the effect of blue light. It’s simple but very effective, the moment you enable it you can see the difference,it has a very soothing effect on your eyes,try it,it’s really good for eyes.

5.Bluelight Filter for Eye Care

With 10 million downloads it might be the leader but the app is more about its paid version and lot of complex controls in it.


With a million download it has a little more feature in the free version but it asks for your location to be turned on so that it sets the timer according to the cycle of sun. A little better but still has more functional in paid version.

3. Bluelight Filter

With no advertising and tiny size,it does big a job but the controls are not that good.

2. Blue Light Filter pro

The App offers no advertising and very easy controls. The opacity can be taken to almost 100%.

1.Eye Filter  (Blue light filter)

The best in the category with no ads,easy control and battery saver works wonders. 

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