50 50- Addictive Slicing Game

I can’t say that it is addictive but it sure is interesting. The app has a game were all you have to do is slice or split a thing into half. The thing could be anything starting from alphabet,numbers,image of a person,animal,country or any random shape. It is challenging as splitting the image in half gets to be challenging. If you don’t have anything to do then you can slice images 50 50. 

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4 thoughts on “50 50- Addictive Slicing Game”

  1. Seems nice. I have recently installed Alto’s adventure. A funny ski game easy to hundle where in each level you have to accomplish specific figures or goals. Every ten levels you unblock a different player. Each player has special abilities. With some levels you have to start and start over again, but sincerely it is very funny and nice game.

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