Clash Royale

​The game is relatively new and with 50 million downloads is something to watch for. The game is good and you can enjoy it. The game has lot of characters and you will need to really practice and give time and manage your fighters well in battle. Players battle through 9 arenas each requiring a certain amount of trophies. You start in the Training Camp which teaches you how to play the game and progress through eight battles. Once victorious in all of those battles you advance to the next arena which is Goblin Stadium. You can progress through the rest of the arenas by acquiring a certain amount of trophies.Players may also form clans. Clan members may engage in friendly battles with one another, the outcome of which does not affect trophies or chests. The “friendly battle” feature allows for live spectating from other clanmates. Clan members may also donate or request cards from one another, which provides some experience and gold when done. Lot of features and rules in game makes it a little complex but once you start playing you will get the hang of it. There are numerous apps now which helps you to cheat and play well! You will need to be online to play as the battle takes place with real opponents. The graphics and sound are good. I liked playing it. Try it if you are into battle games.

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