iBeer FREE-Drink beer now!

Can’t believe people like it so much though guzzling mug after mug of beer looks inviting. The burp at the end is beautifully done. Video of app shows lot of tricks but when I opened it you could only drink beer and nothing else.I got bored after three drinks,you might too.it would had been nice if they could add things in like a game. The graphics and sound are good. It really looks and feels like real beer. If you’re that big a fan of beer than go for it but I assure you will get over it soon without hangover. I would rate this app 2*.


Fun Unlimited

I can’t believe even in this age there are Indians who make an app and talk about nightfall to be a disease which can convert to diabetes. It says if not treated early lot of things can happen. The best is that it’s (nightfall ) occurs bease of reading or thinking about porn (Desi jhanda flying high). On the other hand millions of people will believe it because it’s written especially in villages and small towns of india.