Drag Racing 

I wanted to see what the 100 million download game looks like on Google play,it was boring. I love drag racing but the action is not of my taste here. You feel you are sitting in the stand and controlling the car. The camera and the ever changing graphics have a rush of its own. Drag racing is all about skills and to find the right balance between power and grip. You start here with a small car and then raise yourself to better ones but it becomes a drag unless you are ready to pay the developers and get a new shiny car of your choice from the big range of beautiful muscle cars. They do have a big collection of that but alas it costs money which I don’t have! The graphics are good but static and the music is not so great. I was disappointed with it. The only good thing is that if you can 5 times your prize money with watching videos of advertisements. I can’t recommend it unless you have money to spend and straight away get in bigger league and then it can be fun. The roar of engine is always intoxicating. 

Author: Apps reviewed

a big fan of apps.

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