Fast like a Fox

​This is a beautiful game with ano option of different control.Fast like a Fox uses your device’s internal sensors to detect movement. You will have to learn the tapping technique to have the best precision.The story goes like, treasures of the Golden Fox tribe have been stolen by mysterious minions and you are chosen to return them to their rightful owners. Control the Fox by tapping the back of your device or the screen and dash through exciting and challenging worlds. Rush your way through cloud temple, snowcovered valleys, mountain tops, caves, subways and city highways. Find all coins, emeralds and diamonds while breaking time records to get the best score. Those who have the skill and reflexes will beat the challenging Final Run and unlock a secret character with special power.  It’s all about learning  to control your fingers and be Fast like a Fox.If you feel that the Fox does not run properly, try to tap at different spots or turn the device the other way around, for example on tablet devices. Cases may affect the playability. The music is good and the game is addictive. Try it.

Author: Apps reviewed

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