Drivvo – Car management 

​Manage the cost of fuel consumption and economy, car maintenance expenses and service costs of your car, motorcycle, bus or truck.Track average Km / liter, monthly expenses, averages per day, fuels, etc.. Using this application you’ll have a hands on financial control of your vehicle. This is what the app says and when you open the app you can get all this by writing lot of things like odometer reading,how much gas you got and for how much,this way it can calculate your fuel efficiency and if you put in your trip distance it can tell how much will it cost and plan your maintenance and registration for car. Overall economic summary of car can be maintained with it but how long will you be putting those readings? Will you be able to put reading every time you refuel? Will you be even able to keep a track of odometer after you do the trip? The app is good but it needs lot of your input. I won’t be able to maintain it for long. If you can and if you are good with numbers and really want to know about economics of your car and keep a track of your budget,go for it.

Author: Apps reviewed

a big fan of apps.

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