Runtastic Six Pack Abs Workout

​The app is for working on your abs. It has lifelike avatars, Daniel and Angie,to guide you in more than 50 tutorial videos to help you get the flat stomach, core strength and overall fitness. Male and female avatars take you through a variety of core exercises step by step. You can adjust difficulty, there are three levels of training. The app is compatible with Chromecast,so you can cast all the exercise videos to your PC or TV screen via Chromecast. Its a 10 week plan,predefined workouts, including the 7 minute workout, Insanity, Shape Up etc are there, no gym equipment is required.Improve overall fitness, muscle strength,toning, stability and weight management. You can share fitness accomplishments, photos on Facebook .Users are encouraged to upload all activities to its website.Some app features are only available in full version. The excercises include Classic sit-ups,Cross-body crunch,Oblique crunch,Planks,Mountain climbers,Hip drops,Leg raises,Core twist,Side bridge,sit up variations. You can also play music but then you will have to download it’s music player. Nothing special in the app but if you need one for your abs it’s ok.

Author: Apps reviewed

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