Keeper : Free Password Manager

The app is really helpful in the Age Of cyberworld.Keeper is the secure password manager and digital vault for businesses and individuals. It protects and manage your passwords, documents, private photos and other secret information with security, right from your Android device. It says it stores password and other things like pictures, videos with AES-256 and PBKDF2 (of which I don’t have any idea). The layout is simple,you have a master password and then the there’s the vault. You can add lot of features like SMS,fingerprint scan etc. You can also sync instantly between devices,computers and browser.Everything is good and useful but what I don’t get it is they charge you and there are lot of other apps which don’t and uses the same technology. Why is it in editor’s choice? Is it because it’s been in market for long or do they bigger share of income to Google? Overall great app for everyone but it comes with a price.

Author: Apps reviewed

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