Professional Hair styles 

By far the best app I have seen in the category of hair styles. The app has been made by professionals. The app is divided in three parts,video of hair styles by professionals,pictures of step by step tutorial and hair design ideas by professionals(four).

The videos are of no use as its only of 15 seconds but you get to see lot of designs. The pictures of step by step tutorials are good. They have lot of designs and the pictures can be enlarged. The app is designed for phones so on tab the quality might suffer.The pictures are of all right quality,the last one is design pictures by professionals for you to get inspired and make something good out of your hair. The app is very easy to navigate and does not require lot of permission for downloading. Adds are on the sidebar and minimal. Try this app girls,it’s better than most of the reviews I have written by far.Please leave a note if it was of use. Thanks.

lease do leave a comment if my reviews were of any help.thanks.

Author: Apps reviewed

a big fan of apps.

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