Eye Fitness 

​The huge amount of information, that we consume every day, makes our eyes to strain all the time, so you start to feel eye fatigue. The root cause of many eye problems is overexertion. Even if you have normal vision, your eyes should rest. Otherwise after intensive work you might have such symptoms as dry or red eyes, and lack of foresight. And if your vision is far from perfect, eye relaxation is a must do.

Eye exercises and trainings from this app (including yoga, patter stimulation, stereo images along with  Bates and Corbett method) are quite simple and do not require a lot of time.carefully read description of every exercise. If description says that movement should be smooth, it’s important. If you see breathing instructions, please pay attention and follow them. If you always keep such nuances in mind, your exercises and rest will be most effective.
Please note that this app provides not only exercise descriptions but also notifications about training times and reminders about eye relaxation. It’s strongly advised to use this features, because when you work at computer it’s important to allow your eyes to rest. You should try this.

Author: Apps reviewed

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