Self Healing 

 Self Healing App teaches the voice guided healing sessions, which supposedly helps to heal naturally from inside. Also it provide smoothing sounds, which calms your mind and helps to relax. Its teaches self healing by various scientific proven methods like
1. Prayers

2. Crystals Healing

3. Mantra Recitation

4. Deep Breathing

5. Aum Chanting

6. Meditations 

7. Touch Healing

The above 7 Self Healing Sessions are supposedly  prepared by professionals. In addition to the 7 sessions, they have introduction to Self Healing Session, which introduces you to the concept of Healing. Healing is a natural, scientific psychological and biological process, in which the mind and body repairs itself from inside. Self Healing App has the following features.
1) 8 Voice Guided Healing Sessions

2) 8 Healing Sounds

3) Works in offline mode

4) Repeat, Play, Pause, Stop, Next, Previous Session

6) Facebook, Twitter, Email, Share feature

7) Set reminder for regular practice

8) It uses various techniques for healing like Music Therapy ,Crystals, Deep Breathing, Vibrations, Aura, etc.

The music in the app is not very good but the teaching methods do help and the reminder also works. I personally didn’t like it other than the healing with mantra music. 

Author: Apps reviewed

a big fan of apps.

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