YouCam Makeup-Makeover Studio

 It is the best app every girl should have. Be it eyeliner to eyelashes to hair color with shine, lip color you name it and they have it. Try the accessories it really brings out the women in you. No more Taking pictures with make up.just download the app and do whatever you feel like with the pictures you cam is simple yet effective. The only thing is that with Indian skin lot of things won’t go,even in sample pictures they have an Asian girl which is quite different from Indian skin and structure. I was thinking about my girlfriend who doesn’t have a sense of makeup but I can’t suggest her this app as the skin tone and facial make up is different. If only they could think how big Indian market is and how well they could do here with a billion people. Overall great app if your skin color comes in sample pictures. Go for it girls.

Author: Apps reviewed

a big fan of apps.

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