30 Day Fitness Challenge

If you are fat like me you really need an app like this. The app is simple and easy to understand. It starts with asking you about your weight and let’s you choose from whole body to different parts of it which you want to work upon.The app is mainly designed for those who are too busy to go to gym. All the exercises can be done at home.

The app also suits for those beginners. There are detailed instruction and video guide of each exercise.

It will help you to form a workout habit, and you will love to exercise.


The 30 Day Fitness Challenges helps you burn fat, build strong muscles, stay in shape in 30 days, and what’s more, improve your health quickly and efficiently in only one month.


A person’s life is influenced by rhythmic biological cycles that affect his or her ability in various domains, such as mental, physical and emotional activity. Most biorhythm models use three cycles: a 23-day physical cycle, a 28-day emotional cycle, and a 33-day intellectual cycle. (From Wiki)

According to the theory, 30 days may be the right time to make some changes that influence your mental, physical and emotional conditions.

It is professional and scientific. You will see changes on your body and life.

There’s also the option of video were you can watch it on youtube. In the settings the option of reminder helps you not forget the daily regime.

The only thing app doesn’t understand is you can’t increase the exercise everyday,it takes time to adjust for body and mind. I would give this app 3.5 stars.

Author: Apps reviewed

a big fan of apps.

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