Welcome to the world of apps.I like every Indian know that there is a thing called app and it helps us in a particular way but I got hooked on the world of apps whose number run in millions and with its billions of download,it’s a totally different world.we have different apps for different to sort out in millions of them.what do we need them most of phone and tablet user (I hardly use laptop)I started using apps like facebook,gmail….but as I spent more time I got to know about more useful but obscure apps.when I wanted to download an app I didn’t get any reviews about them on net other than the ones on Google play store.I wanted to know about it how a common man can use it,does it run on unstable net speed that we have in india,do I find more Indians using it,is it really useful for me…..that’s why I started this’s an Indian take on apps and it’s world of infinite possibilities.come join my journey.

Author: Apps reviewed

a big fan of apps.

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